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Dental Cleaning and Dental X-rays in Greensboro, NC

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Even with a proper at-home dental regime, cleanings and digital x-rays are still vital. We’re happy to explain the significance of dental cleanings, digital X-rays, and anything else you have questions about.

We offer comprehensive pediatric dental services – including preventive care. Come visit our experts at Lake Jeanette Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Regular Dental Maintenance is Key

While it’s important to make sure your child is brushing and flossing daily at home, sometimes a little extra dental care is needed. During a regular dental check-up, one of our pediatric hygienists will use specialized tools to remove plaque from between your child’s teeth that’s hard to reach with regular floss.

Regular digital x-rays allow them to see below the gum line to check for additional build-up as well as evaluate your child’s teeth and catch the start of cavities before they can advance. Semi-annual cleanings and exams are the best way to protect your child’s smile.

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Types of Dental Cleanings

There are four types of dental cleanings available, targeting different levels of build-up in different areas.

Prophylaxis Cleaning

The name may sound complicated, but this is just a routine dental cleaning. It’s the most common dental cleaning for children and removes tartar buildup on and between teeth.

Scaling and Root Planing:

Also known as deep cleaning, this procedure treats gum disease and removes plaque and stubborn tartar from above and below the gum line. Scaling and tooth root planing is not commonly necessary for children who have regular cleanings and may require multiple appointments to complete.

Periodontal Maintenance:

For advanced gum disease, these professional cleanings aim to reduce bacteria and inflammation of the gums. This is a critical step to prevent periodontitis. Advanced gum disease is rare in children but is occasionally seen in those with underlying oral health issues or older teens with poor oral hygiene.

Gross Debridement:

Used for cases of excessive plaque and tartar buildup, this dental procedure is often necessary if there’s been quite some time since your child’s last professional teeth cleaning. This is a separate office visit and is usually performed along with a prophylaxis cleaning.

Seeing Below the Surface: Digital X-rays

High-resolution dental x-rays provide a more comprehensive picture than traditional x-rays and can offer important information related to your child’s teeth and underlying jawbone.

They give you and your child’s dentist a more detailed view of your child’s overall dental health and can be a preventive measure against future damage or tooth decay. The highly detailed images can illustrate possible problem areas and serve as an important educational tool.

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