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Metal Braces vs. Clear Braces

Metal Braces vs. Clear Braces

For many people, the thought of wearing braces is enough to make them smile – in a good way! After all, who doesn’t want a straighter, more beautiful smile? Thanks to latest advancement in orthodontic technology, there are now more options than ever when it comes to straightening your teeth. Metal braces are the traditional choice, and clear braces are the recent innovation that is becoming popular these days.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and are attached to the front of your teeth with special dental cement. They treat many dental problems, including gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, bite issues, and jaw misalignment or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). 

Clear or Ceramic Braces

Clear braces are made of clear ceramic brackets that blend in with your natural tooth color. Clear braces are less visible and more comfortable than metal ones, making them an excellent option for teens and adult patients who want to improve their smiles without the look of metal braces. Clear braces can be used to treat various dental issues, including overcrowding, gaps, and misaligned teeth.

Metal Braces vs. Clear Braces: What’s the Difference?


In terms of appearance, clear braces are far less conspicuous than metal braces. They are made of transparent ceramic that blends in with the teeth much more seamlessly. They are an excellent option for people who want to straighten their teeth without drawing attention to their orthodontic treatment. 


Traditional metal braces are generally considered the most durable option, as they are made of solid metals such as steel and titanium. On the other hand, ceramic braces are made of ceramic material, which is also strong, but not quite as durable as metal braces. 


Clear or ceramic braces tend to be more comfortable overall because they put less pressure on the teeth and gums. Additionally, clear braces are less likely to irritate because they are made from smooth material. Patients who choose clear braces often experience more comfort than those who prefer metal braces. 


Metal braces are typically more affordable than clear braces, although the exact price depends on the complexity of your dental issues and the length of treatment. Clear braces are made from ceramic or composite materials, making them more expensive than metal ones.

How do Metal and Clear Braces Work?

Traditional braces rely on brackets and wires to slowly move teeth into the correct position. The brackets are attached to the front of the teeth, and the wires are threaded through the brackets. The wires are held in place by rubber bands, which put pressure on your teeth and slowly move them into the desired position.

Clear braces work similarly, but instead of using metal brackets, they rely on clear ceramic. Like metal braces, clear braces gently move teeth into position over time.

How to Care for Metal and Clear Braces?

Both metal and ceramic braces require some special care to keep them clean and free of discoloration. 

  • Be sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly. This will help maintain good oral health by removing food particles and plaque around your braces, which can cause damage and discoloration. 
  • Avoid solid and sticky foods, which can break or loosen your braces.
  • When you’re eating, be sure to cut your food into small pieces and chew slowly and evenly. 
  • Avoid tobacco products, which can cause permanent staining on metal and clear braces.
  • Be sure to see your orthodontist in Greensboro for regular checkups. During these appointments, your orthodontist will tighten your braces and make any necessary adjustments.

Clear Braces vs. Metal Braces: Which is Better?

Clear braces are made of ceramic, making them less visible than metal ones. They’re also more comfortable to wear because they don’t rub against your gums like metal braces. However, they’re not as durable as metal braces, so they may not be a good choice if you are into sports or other activities that could damage them.

Traditional braces are still the most common type of braces. They’re strong and durable so that they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They’re also less expensive than clear braces. However, they’re more visible than clear braces, so if you’re looking for a more discreet orthodontic treatment option, metal braces may not be the best choice for you.

The decision of which type of braces to get is a personal one. Talk to your dentist about your treatment options and what would be best for your individual needs.

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