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Nutrition Tips for Happy Smiles

These are items that you can eat anytime because they are good for your body and good for your teeth

Food: Fruits, Vegetables, Cheese, Nuts, And Sugarless Gum

Beverages: Water, Sugar-Free Beverages

These items are called “junk food” and should be consumed in moderation, and your teeth should always be brushed afterwards to prevent tooth decay

Food: Fruit Roll-Ups and Candy (especially sticky candies)

Beverages: Sweet Drinks including sodas and sweet tea

These are items that are nutritious, but can cause tooth decay.  They are NOT recommended for snacks.  They are recommended for mealtime only when saliva is flowing.  Saliva helps neutralize the acid that causes cavities.

Food: Crackers and Chips (contain lots of carbohydrates that break down into sugar), and Raisins (loaded with natural sugars that stick to the teeth)

Beverages: Milk and Juice (both contain natural sugars that are converted to acid that causes cavities)

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