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Frequently Asked Questions for Orthodontists

An orthodontist is a doctor that specializes in the prevention and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities. Orthodontists work to correct the alignment of teeth in the jaw for healthier teeth and a better smile.

The majority of orthodontic issues are hereditary, but they can stem from other things. Thumb sucking, the early loss of baby teeth, accidents, and disease are all causes of orthodontic problems.

After orthodontic treatment, some may experience teeth shifting. This can be caused by your chewing habits, disease, or the loss of teeth. Shifting is not unusual and is more common in lower teeth. That’s why it’s essential to wear your retainers.

Incoming wisdom teeth can affect your alignment, but not always. Feel free to consult with our orthodontist to determine whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed.

No. Once your permanent molars come in, the space for your teeth will only lessen. With less room to grow, your teeth will likely come in misaligned.

Orthodontic treatment duration varies depending on the amount of movement required. Minor issues can be resolved in as little as six months, while more severe cases can take up to 3 years. On average, braces need to be worn for around 22 months.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a first orthodontic screening at around seven years old. If alignment and jaw health issues are severe enough, a child can begin treatment before they lose their baby teeth. Usually, our orthodontist waits until the adult teeth have grown in.

Traditional metal braces are made of high-quality stainless steel, while clear braces are ceramic. Invisalign aligners are made of a quality, non-toxic plastic. The elastic bands are rubber.

In some cases, teeth can be extracted to make room for crowded teeth. Removal is not always necessary, and with advancements in orthodontics, doctors have found other means to correct alignment problems. Every smile is different.

Yes. Teeth with crowns move just like other teeth. In the case of missing teeth, orthodontics will offer significant benefits in aligning your teeth. Braces can help make sure the rest of your teeth don’t settle in where your missing tooth was.

When you consult with our orthodontist for the first time, we’ll work with you to determine whether orthodontic care is necessary and, if so, what kind. Then, we’ll develop a treatment plan, discuss costs and an estimated timeline, and assess what appliances will be required.

Don’t let all your work be for nothing! Regularly brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Keep up with your appointments. Make sure to wear any retainers as prescribed and avoid food that can harm your braces or appliance.

Brushing is not only crucial for the health of your teeth but also for your orthodontic treatment. Brush your teeth three times a day. Make sure to get around your braces or appliance, and don’t forget to floss.

Absolutely! Your orthodontist is working to align your teeth while your dentist keeps your teeth clean and healthy. With braces, it’s easy for plaque to build up around the brackets and other hard to reach places. Your dentist is great at taking care of that.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of foods you are better off avoiding. Foods like hard candy and ice, along with any sticky foods, are not a good idea. At the start of your treatment, you will be provided with a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts.

Visit frequency depends on the specific situation. Typically, expect to pay a visit to our orthodontist every 5-8 weeks. Some more complicated treatments require more frequent visits.

Visits to the orthodontist don’t require any shots or numbing agents. Wearing braces won’t hurt either. You may experience some soreness after a visit, but this often goes away within a day or two—nothing an over-the-counter pain medication can’t handle.

Still, have questions? We’re always happy to help. Give us a call at 336-286-0200.


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