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Orthodontic Retainers in Greensboro, NC

Once your smile is straight and you have straight teeth, you will want to keep it that way. Schedule an appointment with us for your dental retainer at (336) 286-0200 today.

Once your traditional braces come off you will receive either fixed or removable retainers. The retainers will hold your teeth in place while the gums, bone, and muscles adjust to their new positions. 

Lake Jeanette Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry shares everything you need to know about orthodontic retainers.

Types of Retainers We Provide in Greensboro, NC

We make customized retainers, whether removable or fixed, and there are three main types available:

  • Traditional retainers
  • Aligners
  • Fixed retainers

Traditional Retainers

As a removable retainer type, traditional retainers include a wire that surrounds the front teeth and clip over the back. The wire is attached to an acrylic plate that fits on the roof of your mouth.

The beauty of this type of retainer is that it is adjustable by your dental professionals as needed.


Also known as clear or Essix retainers, the apparatus looks similar to Invisalign. It is made from a mold of your teeth, and these aligners can completely cover the arch of your teeth or run only from canine to canine.

Fixed retainers

These fixed retainers consist of wires bonded to your back teeth, which rest behind your teeth. Removable only by the orthodontist, fixed retainers are otherwise permanent.

Which Orthodontic Retainers are Right For Me?

There are several considerations when choosing a retainer. The orthodontist will discuss these with you as you decide on the best choice.


  • Removable retainers are easy to care for and do not affect your eating habits.
  • You will have dietary restrictions with fixed retainers.
  • Removable retainers can be lost easily.
  • Fixed retainers take extra period of time and attention to proper dental care for to avoid excess tartar build-up.

Retainers Cleaning

All three types of retainers will do their jobs if used properly. Cleaning each type is equally important, but many find removable retainers easier to clean as these do not get in the way of regular brushing and flossing.


If you are worried about your retainer’s appearance, you may want to consider a permanent retainer or clear aligner. Aligners are virtually invisible, while the wire for a permanent retainer is well behind your teeth.

The Retainer’s Best Option in Greensboro, NC

Our dental professionals in Greensboro, NC will discuss all your options before choosing a type of retainer for your orthodontic treatment. While the orthodontist will consider your concerns, they will be clear on which choice is best to move your orthodontic treatment forward. You can trust our expertise and experience to restore your teeth to their fullest potential.

Caring for The Triad’s Orthodontic Needs

Lake Jeanette Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry can help you with a retainer or any other orthodontics treatment you require. Call (336) 286-0200 for an appointment today. 

We are here for your orthodontic care in Greensboro, NC. We will help you get a beautiful smile and keep your good oral hygiene with our treatment plans. We also provide a wide range of dental services and orthodontic treatment options for your healthy smiles and perfect smiles.


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