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General Anesthesia in Children's Dentistry

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For children with special needs including autism, or children who need a dental procedure in the operating room, the best and safest option is sometimes general anesthesia.

Full Sedation in Pediatric Dentistry

It isn’t rare that children need general anesthesia for dental care. Working with a dentist who provides out-patient hospital services is helpful for parents of children with emotional or medical conditions or more extensive treatment needs.

Benefits of receiving this type of care include:

  • Cross-planning with your child’s various doctors and nurses
  • Specialized treatment plans
  • Anesthesia or sedation safely administered and monitored by professionals
  • Efficient procedures that minimize risk and emotional trauma
  • Treatment completed in a single visit

Our staff understands that children with special emotional or medical needs often have a greater fear of unknown procedures. Sedation allows your child to receive the care they urgently need without negative effects on their developing psyche.

How to Care for Your Child After Anesthesia or Sedation

After dental treatment in the operating room, your child will require rest. Encourage sleep or relaxation until the sedative or anesthetic has fully worn off, which is typically most of the day. Children may play calmly around the house, but be sure to monitor their condition to minimize risks.

If your child has also received a local anesthetic, portions of their mouth may still be numb. Trying to eat may cause them to hurt themselves by biting their tongue, cheek, or lips. Until feeling returns, your child should consume liquids rather than solid food.

When Full Sedation Dentistry is Recommended

Like all medical procedures, general anesthesia is only recommended when absolutely necessary. We also offer lighter sedation options for patients who do not need to be fully asleep during their treatment. General anesthesia is sometimes recommended for:

  • Children who need many teeth extracted
  • Children who need a more lengthy dental procedure or surgery
  • Children who have severe dental anxiety
  • Children with special needs including Down Syndrome and Autism

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